I think it’s sad that people are so concerned with the past and being vintage, that by the time we’re older, looking back to how we are today, our generation won’t have an identity of its own.

People watching at Starbucks at 10:40am.

I’m eavesdropping like there’s no tomorrow right this second. In front of me there’s a guy with a mohawk talking about some project being built in front of a hospital with a girl wearing light pink heels. I have no idea exactly what he’s talking about, but he seems like he knows a lot about the topic.

To my right there’s a lady typing away. She even took off her flip flops and is sitting “criss-cross apple sauce”. Further ahead to my right there’s a full-on meeting going on. I think I just heard the word robotics. They seem super engaged in whatever they’re talking about. Three men and one woman. In front of them, a guy lying down on the couch, texting. Yadda-yadda. 

As ‘creeper’ as it might sound, I love just sitting, listening and watching people. It’s kind of like peering into the life of a stranger, even if just for a couple of minutes.

Such a silly thing to do, fall in love with you.

We’re better together, you and I we were meant forever. 

You and I, we were made to measure.

From my trip to Italy back in 2010. <3

Drawing of a Native American I did for my design class.

Drawing of a Native American I did for my design class.

Meerkats at Zoo Atlanta. :)

Meerkats at Zoo Atlanta. :)

Thoughts… 11-25-11

So much can change in a year. It’s mind-blowing.

How can someone go from complete bliss, happiness and hope in January, to emptiness by November?

I always give the advice

that I wish I could take.

And my happiness starts right…

now. :)

Independent of anyone but myself.

Amarte a ti es mi pasatiempo. El tuyo es irte como el viento.